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Diskografie / Singly

Základní Diskografie - Singly


[ Nahrávky z Beverley studia Leslieho Konga – na singlech je Bob jako Robert Marley ]

Do You Still Love Me
Judge Not

as Bobby Marten
One Cup Of Coffee

Terror [nevydáno]

[ Všechny skladby které pocházejí z let 1963-66 vyšli až od léta 1966 ve Studia One , Sira Clementa „coxona“ Dodda]

Christmas Is Here
Climb The Ladder
Do You Remember
I Don't Need Your Love
I'm Going Home
Mr. Talkative
Simmer Down
Straight and Narrow
Tell Them Lord
Your Love


Dance With Me
Don't Ever Leave Me
Go Jimmy Go
Hoot Nanny Hoot
I Made A Mistake
I Need You
It Hurts To Be Alone
Lonesome Feelings
Love Won't Be Mine This Way
Maga Dog
Nobody Knows
Oh My Darling
Teenager In Love
There She Goes
True Confessions
Where Will I Find
Wings Of A Dove


And I Love Her
Another Dance
Cry To Me
Diamond Baby
Do It Right
Do You Feel The Same Way Too
Good Good Rudie
Guajira Ska
I Left My Sins
I'm Gonna Put It On
I'm Still Waiting
Jumbie Jamboree
Just In Time
Let The Lord Be Seen In You
Lonesome Track
Love And Affection
One Love
Rude Boy
Shame and Scandal
Ska Jerk
Somewhere To Lay My Head
Ten Commandments of Love
The Jerk
This Train
Wages of Love
What's New Pussycat
Where Is My Mother
Where's The Girl For Me
White Christmas


[ Následující skladby od února do října 1966 byly vydány bez Boba který tou dobou byl v Americe ,skladby vznikly za pomocí Rity Marleyové a C. Walkera který byl hlavním členem skupiny Soulettes , právě on v té době nahradil Boba.]

Blowing In The Wind
Can't You See
Dancing Shoes
Don't Look Back
He Who Feels It Knows It
I Need You
I Stand Predominant
Jerking Time
Lemon Tree
Let Him Go
Little Boy Blue
Making Love
Rasta Shook Them Up
Rock Sweet Rock
Rolling Stone
Sentimental Journey
Sinner Man
Sunday Morning
The Toughest
Treat Me Good
What Am I Supposed To Do
When The Well Runs Dry

[ Na konci roku 1966 , když se Bob vrátil z Wilmingtonu v Delaware s nějakými penězi , vznikla kapela The Wailers , prvně mohl své skladby produkovat sám. Jejich nově vzniklému studiu říkali Wail’n Soul’m a na jejich logu byly tři skřížené ruce – obrázek loga se používá dodnes . The Wailers ale stále spolupracovali s producentama jako byl Lee Perry a Leslie Kong , ale většinu jejich hudby si produkovali sami. ]

Bend Down Low
Freedom Time


[ Už jako The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
Bus Dem Shut
Lyrical Satyrical
Mellow Mood
Nice Time
Pound Get A
Stir It Up
Thank You Lord
This Train


Chances Are
Dem A Fi Get A Beatin'
Don't Rock My Boat
Fire Fire
I'm Hurting Inside
Play Play Play
Stepping Razor
The Lord Will Make A Way

[ Následuje spolupráces producentama A.Jenkinsem a především J. Venneriem pro Johnyho Nashe a Dannyho Simse .Neexistuje přesný datum vydání nahrávek , nebyl zachován žádný dokument který udává datum nahrání skladeb. ]

Bend Down Low

Chances Are
Fallin' In And Out Of Love
Gonna Get You
How Many Times
It Hurts To Be Alone
Lonely Girl
Lonesome Feelings
Mellow Mood
Milk Shake and Potato Chips
Nice Time
Put It On
Rock Steady
Soul Almighty
Soul Rebel
Splish For My Splash
Stay With Me
Stranger On The Shore
The World Is Changing
There She Goes
Touch Me
Treat You right
What Goes Around Comes Around
You Think I Have No Feelings
You Say I Have No Feelings [alt. vers.]

[ Produkce The Wailers s pomocí Mortima Planna ]
A Little Prayer
Selassie Is The Chapel


[ The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
Feel Alright
Tread Oh

[ The Wailers – Vlastní produkce s pomocí Teda Powdera ]
Adam And Eve
Thank You Lord
This Train

[ Ve spolupráci s Lesliem Kongem ]
Baby Baby Come Home
Back Out
Can't You See
Cheer Up
Do It Twice
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Soon Come
Sophisticated Psychedelication
Soul Captives
Soul Shake Down Party
Stop The Train

[ The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
Black Progress
Comma Comma
Hold On To This Feeling
Oppressor Man
The Letter
Trouble Dub
Trouble On The Road Again
Sugar Sugar
Field Marshall No Parshall

Hold On To This Feeling (Bob & Rita)

[ Produkuje Lee „Scratch“ Perry se skupinou The Uppsetters , V The Wailers se sjednocuje jádro kapely , které s Bobem bylo až do konce jeho kariéry,Aston „Family man“ Barrett na basu a jeho bratr Carlton na bicí , ještě napomáhali Alwa Lewis na kytaru a Glen Adams na klávesy.]

400 Years
Axe Man
Corner Stone
Duppy Conqueror
It's Alright
Jah Is Mighty
Long Long Winter
Man To Man
My Cup
No Sympathy
No Water
Picture On The Wall (with Carl Dawkins)
Put It On
Rebel's Hop
Run For Cover
Shocks Of Mighty
Small Axe
Soul Almighty
Soul Rebel
Try Me

[ ve spolupráci s 
producentem Bunnym Lee  ]
Mr. Chatterbox
No Love

[ The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
High Tide Or Low Tide


[ The Wailers ve spolupráci s LeePerrym ]
African Herbsman
All In One
Brand New Secondhand
Fussing and Fighting
In The Iway
Keep On Moving
Keep On Skanking
Riding High
Stand Alone
Turn Me Loose
Who Is Mister Brown
Don't Rock My Boat
I Like It Like This
Love Light
Send Me That Love
Sun Is Shining

[ The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
Back Biter
Concrete Jungle
Craven Choke Puppy
Guava Jelly
How Many Times
I'm Still Wailing
It Hurts To Be Alone
Lick Samba
Lively Up Yourself
Music Lesson
Redder Than Red
Rocking Steady
Satisfy My Soul Babe
Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah
Screw Face
Trench Town Rock
Why Should I

[ The Wailers ve spolupráci s producentem J.Nashem ]
Dance Do The Reggae
I'm Hurting Inside
Oh Lord I Got To Get There
Reggae On Broadway


[ The Wailers – vlastní prdukce ]
400 Years
All Day All Night
Concrete Jungle
Kinky Reggae
Midnight Ravers
No More Trouble
Pass It On
Rock It Babe
Slave Driver
Stir It Up
Stop That Train


[ The Wailers – vlastní prdukce ]
Burnin' & Lootin'
Duppy Conqueror
Get Up Stand Up
Hallelujah Time
I Shot The Sheriff
Iron Lion Zion
No Sympathy
One Foundation
Pass It On
Put It On
Rastaman Chant
Reincarnated Soul
Small Axe


[ Bob Marley and The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]

Am A Do
Belly Full
Bend Down Low
Knotty Dread
Lively Up Yourself
Rebel Music
Road Block
So Jah Seh
Talking Blues


[ Bob Marley and The Wailers – vlastní prdukce ]
Crazy Baldhead
Cry To me
I Know
Johnny Was
Night Shift
Positive Vibration
Rat Race
Roots, Rock, Reggae
Want More
Who The Cap Fit

[ Spolupráce Boba Marleyho and The Wailers s Lee Perrym ]
Jah Live


[ spolupráce Boba Marleyho and The Wailers s Lee Perrym ]
Smile Jamaica (Parts One and Two)


[ Spolupráce Boba Marleyho and theWailers s Lee Perrym ]
Who Colt The Game (oficiálně nevydáno)
I Know A Place Where We Can Carry On (oficiálněnevydáno)
Keep On Moving
Natural Mystic
Punky Reggae Party
Rainbow Country

[ Bob Marley and The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
Easy Skanking
Every Need Got An Ego To Feed
Is This Love
Misty Morning
Natural Mystic
One Love/People Get Ready
Running Away
Satisfy My Soul
She's Gone
So Much Things To Say
Sun Is Shining
The Heathen
Three Little Birds
Time Will Tell
Turn Your Lights Down Low
Waiting In Vain


[ Žádná aktivita ve studiu , zatímco Bob strávil skoro celý rok na turné po světě , na Jamajce se zatím vybudovalo TUFF GONG studio v ulici 56. Hope Road v Kingstonu.]


[ Bob Marley and The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
Africa Unite
Babylon System
Mix Up Mix Up
One Drop
Ride Natty Ride
So Much Trouble In The World
Top Rankin'
Wake Up And Live

[ Spolupráce Boba Marleyho and The Wailers s Lee Perrym ]
Blackman Redemption
Rastaman Live Up


[ Bob Marley and The Wailers – vlastní produkce ]
Bad Card
Coming In From The Cold
Could You Be Loved
Forever Loving Jah
Give Thanks And Praises
Pimper's Paradise
Real Situation
Redemption Song
Trench Town
We And Them
Zion Train

[ spolupráce s King Sportym ]

Buffalo Soldier

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